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Deli 2012 Small Cutter Blade (1pc)
Rs. 64.00
Market Price   Rs. 90.00

Deli 2012 Small Cutter Blade Type: Cutter Blades Model number: 2012 Brand name: Deli Blade S..

Deli 2051 Small Cutter (1pc)
Rs. 45.00
Market Price   Rs. 60.00

Deli 2051 Small Cutter 125×15×12MM(cutter) ABS + carbon tool steel 0.4×9×80MM 13 snap-o..

Deli 2064 Paper Cutter (1pc)
Rs. 178.00
Market Price   Rs. 250.00

Deli 2064 Paper Cutter Specification: Brand: EffectiveModel: 2064 Deli 2064 18mm Standard Utility..

Deli E0602 Metal Office Scissor (1pc)
Rs. 162.00
Market Price   Rs. 175.00

E0602 Soft-touch Scissors 180mm Deli Metal Office Scissor, 7" 175mm (Black) (E6027) Heavier Scisso..

Deli E0604 Metal Office Scissor (1pc)
Rs. 174.00
Market Price   Rs. 195.00

E0604 Soft-touch Scissors 210 mmDeli's metal office scissors are ideal for office, school or home us..

Deli E2025 School Cutter (1pc)
Rs. 49.00
Market Price   Rs. 80.00

Deli School Cutter Deli Knife Utility Cutter 2025. Strong PVC Body. High Quality. Durable. Strong ..

Deli E2044 Big Cutter Rotary Lock (1pc)
Rs. 160.00
Market Price   Rs. 174.00

Deli Big Cutter Rotary Lock DescriptionE2044 Big Cutter Rotary Lock. please login. Specification..

Deli E2056 Cutting Knife Silver (1pc)
Rs. 176.00
Market Price   Rs. 185.00

Deli Knife Utility Cutter E2056 12 Pieces/Box. Strong Silver Steel Body. High Quality. Durable. Stro..

Deli E6027 Metal Scissor (1pc)
Rs. 275.00
Market Price   Rs. 295.00

E6027 Soft-touch Scissors 175mm Deli E6027 Scissor - 7" / 175mm Alloy Stainless Steel Office Scissor..

Deli W2011 Cutter Knife Blade Silver (1pc)
Rs. 139.00
Market Price   Rs. 99.00

Deli 2011 Cutter Knife Blade Silver Durable And Sharp Made Of Stainless Steel Small Size With 7 ..

Opal Scissor 10 Inches (1pc)
Rs. 193.00
Market Price   Rs. 205.00

Opal Scissor 10 Inches..

Opal Scissor 12 Inches (1pc)
Rs. 209.00
Market Price   Rs. 220.00

Opal Scissor 12 Inches..

Opal Scissor 4.5 Inches (1pc)
Rs. 55.00
Market Price   Rs. 65.00

Opal Scissor 4.5 Inches..

Opal Scissor 5.5 Inches (1pc)
Rs. 77.00
Market Price   Rs. 85.00

Opal Scissor 5.5 Inches..

Opal Scissor 6.25 Inches (1pc)
Rs. 99.00
Market Price   Rs. 120.00

Opal Scissor 6.25 Inches..

Opal Scissor 8.5 Inches (1pc)
Rs. 132.00
Market Price   Rs. 150.00

Opal Scissor 8.5 Inches..

Polo Paper Cutter Large (1Pc)
Rs. 83.00
Market Price   Rs. 95.00

Polo Paper Cutter Large (1Pc) ..

Polo Paper Cutter Small (1 Pc)
Rs. 44.00
Market Price   Rs. 50.00

Polo Paper Cutter Small  ..

SDI Cutter Blade Small 1/2 (1pc)
Rs. 8.00
Market Price   Rs. 10.00

SDI Cutter Blade Small 932 cutter blade for paper SDI 1/2 inch..

SDI CUTTER BLADE Standard 1inch (1PC)
Rs. 13.00
Market Price   Rs. 15.00

SDI CUTTER BLADE Standard 932 cutter blade for paper SDI 1 inch..

SDI Paper Cutter Large 1 inch (1 Pc)
Rs. 143.00
Market Price   Rs. 155.00

SDI Paper Cutter Large SDI-426 Cutter knife 1 inch..

SDI Paper Cutter Small 1/2 inch (1 pc)
Rs. 93.00
Market Price   Rs. 105.00

SDI Paper Cutter Small SDI-405 Cutter knife small 1/2 inch..

Sensa Paper Cutter Large 1 inch (1pc)
Rs. 110.00
Market Price   Rs. 125.00

Sensa Paper Cutter Large Large 1inch ..

Sensa Paper Cutter Small (1pc)
Rs. 55.00
Market Price   Rs. 65.00

Sensa Paper Cutter Small Good quality cutter and is made up of good quality. This cutter is used to..

Staedtler Scissor 14cm (1pc)
Rs. 132.00

Staedtler Scissor 14cm..

Staedtler Scissor 17cm (1pc)
Rs. 165.00

Staedtler Scissor 17cm..

Sunwood 91024 Paper Cutter 0.5mm (1pc)
Rs. 142.00
Market Price   Rs. 165.00

Sunwood Paper Cutter 91024..

Sunwood Big Cutter Blade (1 Packet)
Rs. 113.00
Market Price   Rs. 134.00

Sunwood Big Cutter BladeQuantity: 10 Blades Per Packet..

Sunwood Paper Cutter 91023 (1pc)
Rs. 142.00
Market Price   Rs. 160.00

Sunwood Paper Cutter 91023..

Sunwood Paper Cutter 91026 (1pc)
Rs. 200.00
Market Price   Rs. 215.00

Sunwood Paper Cutter 91026..

Sunwood Scissor 8.5 Inches (1pc)
Rs. 305.00
Market Price   Rs. 340.00

Sunwood Scissor 8.5 InchesSize : 8.5 InchesModel : 91126..

Sunwood Small Cutter Blade (1pc)
Rs. 54.00
Market Price   Rs. 68.00

Sunwood Small Cutter BladeQuantity: 10 Blades Per Packet..

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