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Deli 0616B Rotary Pencil Sharpener (1pc)
Rs. 424.00

Deli Rotary Pencil SharpenerBlack Grey.. Per Carton 48 pcs..

Deli 38368 Scissors 195mm (1pc)
Rs. 151.00
Market Price   Rs. 165.00

Deli 38368 Scissors 195mmCarton packing 144m..

Deli 903 Desk Organizer  (1pc)
Rs. 350.00
Market Price   Rs. 500.00

Deli Desk Organizer ..

Deli 904 Pen Stand (1pc)
Rs. 286.00
Market Price   Rs. 300.00

Deli Pen Stand 4 drawers, Plastic..

Deli 9110 Desk Organizer 7 Comp (1pc)
Rs. 642.00
Market Price   Rs. 695.00

Deli PS Desk Organizer 7 Comp..

Deli Card Holder Business (1pc)
Rs. 140.00
Market Price   Rs. 160.00

Deli Business Card Holder..

Deli Card Holder Metal (1pc)
Rs. 120.00
Market Price   Rs. 150.00

Deli Card Holder Metal..

Deli E0602 Metal Office Scissor (1pc)
Rs. 162.00
Market Price   Rs. 175.00

E0602 Soft-touch Scissors 180mm Deli Metal Office Scissor, 7" 175mm (Black) (E6027) Heavier Scis..

Deli E0604 Metal Office Scissor (1pc)
Rs. 174.00
Market Price   Rs. 195.00

E0604 Soft-touch Scissors 210 mmDeli's metal office scissors are ideal for office, school or home us..

FH101 File Holder / Magazine Holder
Rs. 231.00
Market Price   Rs. 260.00

FH101 File Holder / Magazine Holder Product Information The understated style of our Magazine Hold..

Haoxiang Paper Tray 2 Steps (1pc)
Rs. 605.00
Market Price   Rs. 625.00

Haoxiang Paper Tray 2 Steps Metal (1pc)..

Haoxiang Paper Tray 3 Steps (1pc)
Rs. 770.00
Market Price   Rs. 880.00

Haoxiang Paper Tray 3 Steps Paper Tray 3 Steps ..

Sunwood Pen Holder (1pc)
Rs. 204.00
Market Price   Rs. 225.00

Sunwood Pen Holder..

Sunwood Pen Holder Drawers (1pc)
Rs. 162.00
Market Price   Rs. 210.00

Sunwood Pen Holder Drawers..

Tray Steel/Metal (China) 4 Steps (1pc)
Rs. 880.00
Market Price   Rs. 950.00

Tray Steel/Mstel (China) 4 Steps..

Versatile Pen Stand  (1pc)
Rs. 337.00
Market Price   Rs. 360.00

Versatile Pen StandFor Office and Home use..

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