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Deli 0260 Stapler (1pc)
Rs. 115.00
Market Price   Rs. 135.00


Deli 0306 Stapler (1pc)
Rs. 183.00
Market Price   Rs. 210.00

Deli 0306 Stapler..

Deli 0325 Stapler Machine (1pc)
Rs. 182.00
Market Price   Rs. 200.00

Deli 0325 Stapler Machine..

Deli 0326 Stapler (1pc)
Rs. 231.00
Market Price   Rs. 265.00

Deli Stapler Deli Stapler 0326..

Deli 0335 Stapler (1pc)
Rs. 253.00
Market Price   Rs. 275.00

Deli 0335 Stapler20sheets/80gABS plastic cover + SPCC metal structure + plastic baseHalf strip stapl..

Deli 0346 Metal Hand Stapler (1pc)
Rs. 415.00
Market Price   Rs. 455.00

Deli 0346 Metal Hand Stapler Product Name: Free shipping Deli stationery deli 0346 metal hand stapl..

Deli 0393 Stapler H/Duty 210 Sheets (1pc)
Rs. 2,875.00
Market Price   Rs. 2,995.00

Deli Stapler Heavy Duty 210 Sheets Carton Packing 6 pcs..

Deli 0395 Stapler H/Duty 210 Sheets (1pc)
Rs. 2,496.00
Market Price   Rs. 2,890.00

Deli Stapler Heavy Duty 210 Sheets Carton Packing 6 pcs..

Deli 0399 Stapler H/Duty (1pc)
Rs. 2,496.00
Market Price   Rs. 3,145.00

Deli Stapler Heavy Duty 210 Sheets Carton Packing 6 pcs..

Deli 0427 Stapler Half Strip (1pc)
Rs. 282.00
Market Price   Rs. 350.00

Deli 0427 Stapler Half Strip72 Per Carton..

Deli 0486 Stapler Heavy Duty (1pc)
Rs. 1,984.00
Market Price   Rs. 2,295.00

Deli 0486 Stapler Heavy Duty 120 SheetsCarton Packing 12 Pcs..

Deli E0221 Stapler (1 pc)
Rs. 173.00
Market Price   Rs. 195.00

E0221 STAPLER #10 15SHEETS Specification: 15 sheets / 80g Material: ABS plastic cover + SPCC m..

Deli E0225 Mini Stapler #10 (1 pc)
Rs. 94.00
Market Price   Rs. 105.00

E0225 MINI STAPLER #10 W/STAPLES 3C Specification: 39*18*29mm,26.8gram/Card Material: Stapler:..

Deli E0383 Heavy-duty Stapler (1pc)
Rs. 3,424.00
Market Price   Rs. 3,767.00

Deli E0383, Heavy-duty, Stapler 210 Sheets Brand: deli Type: Desk Accessories & Work-space Organ..

Deli Effortless H/Duty Stapler (1pc)
Rs. 1,265.00
Market Price   Rs. 1,465.00

Deli Brand Effortless Heavy Duty Stapler 120 Sheets This power saving stapler has the type of 23/6,..

Deli Effortless Stapler Half Strip E0368 (1pc)
Rs. 454.00
Market Price   Rs. 484.00

Deli Effortless Stapler Half Strip E0368..

Deli Long Reach Metal Stapler E0334 (1pc)
Rs. 649.00
Market Price   Rs. 710.00

Deli Long Reach Metal Stapler E0334..

Dux Staple Machine D-18 (1pc)
Rs. 110.00
Market Price   Rs. 125.00

Dux Staple Machine D-18..

Dux Stapler Machine D-12-369 (1pc)
Rs. 220.00
Market Price   Rs. 235.00

Dux Stapler Machine D-12-369 Pin Size 24/6..

Dux Stapler Machine D-30 (1pc)
Rs. 88.00
Market Price   Rs. 100.00

Dux Stapler Machine D-30..

Dux Stapler Machine D-40-369 (1pc)
Rs. 127.00
Market Price   Rs. 135.00

Dux Stapler Machine D-40-369..

Dux Stapler Machine D-50 (1pc)
Rs. 193.00
Market Price   Rs. 205.00

Dux Stapler Machine D-50 Pin Size: 24/6..

Dux Stapler Machine D-80-369 (1pc)
Rs. 193.00
Market Price   Rs. 200.00

Dux Stapler Machine D-80-369 Pin Size: 24/6..

Fuji Stapler 23/13 HD-23S13 (1pc)
Rs. 1,540.00
Market Price   Rs. 1,600.00

Fuji Stapler 23/13 HD-23S13 All metal construction Adjustable paper guide that can be used for j..

Fuji Stapler 23/17 HD-12S17 (1pc)
Rs. 1,980.00
Market Price   Rs. 2,300.00

Fuji Stapler 23/17 HD-12S17 ..

Fuji Stapler 24/6 HD-45N (1pc)
Rs. 242.00
Market Price   Rs. 260.00

Fuji Stapler 24/6 HD-45N Black Excellent quality Stylish design Good for offic school use ..

Fuji Stapler 24/6 HD-45P (1pc)
Rs. 231.00
Market Price   Rs. 250.00

Fuji Stapler 24/6 HD-45P Metal body half strip stapler with plastic casing. Quick loading me..

Fuji Stapler 555N (1pcs)
Rs. 248.00
Market Price   Rs. 260.00

Fuji Stapler 555NSize: 24/6Metal Body..

Fuji Stapler Gun Tacker TP-10 (1pc)
Rs. 787.00
Market Price   Rs. 850.00

Fuji Stapler Gun Tacker TP-10 Features ..

Fuji Stapler HD-10D (1pc)
Rs. 165.00
Market Price   Rs. 185.00

Fuji StaplerModel: HD-10DSize : 10 ..

Fuji Stapler HD-10N (1pc)
Rs. 124.00
Market Price   Rs. 140.00

Fuji Stapler HD-10N Quick loading mechanism & reload indicator High-quality product Reliable..

Fuji Stapler HD-23L17 (1pc)
Rs. 6,600.00
Market Price   Rs. 6,800.00

Fuji Stapler HD-23L17 All metal construction Long throat stapler Adjustable paper guide with lo..

Fuji Stapler HD-23S24 (1pc)
Rs. 2,420.00
Market Price   Rs. 2,540.00

Fuji Stapler HD-23S24 ..

Fuji Stapler HD-23S24NFL (1pc)
Rs. 3,300.00
Market Price   Rs. 3,500.00

Fuji Stapler HD-23S24NFL All metal construction with high impact plastic casing. Soft grip handle..

Fuji Stapler HD-30 (1pc)
Rs. 292.00
Market Price   Rs. 310.00

Fuji Stapler 24/6 HD-30 Metal body half strip stapler with plastic casing. Quick loading mechanis..

Fuji Stapler HD-J-10 (1pc)
Rs. 138.00
Market Price   Rs. 150.00

Fuji Stapler HD-J-10..

Fuji Stapler Pocket 10 (1pc)
Rs. 99.00
Market Price   Rs. 115.00

Fuji Stapler 10 Pocket Quick loading mechanism & reload indicator High-quality product Reliabl..

Fuji Stapler Pocket-45-C (1pc)
Rs. 127.00
Market Price   Rs. 150.00

Fuji StaplerModel: POCKET-45-CSize : 10 ..

Fuji Stapler Trendy-35 (1pc)
Rs. 171.00
Market Price   Rs. 185.00

Fuji StaplerModel: Trendy-35Size : 10 ..

Kangaro Gun Tacker TS-623 (1pc)
Rs. 1,117.00
Market Price   Rs. 1,250.00

Kangaro Gun Tacker Modle : TS-623Pin Use : 23/10..

Kangaro Pin Remover SR-500 (1pc)
Rs. 358.00
Market Price   Rs. 380.00

Kangaro Pin Remover SR-500 Remove Staples up to 23/17 Durable metal construction encased by high im..

Kangaro Stapler 45NR (1pc)
Rs. 275.00
Market Price   Rs. 290.00

Kangaro Stapler 45NR Full size metal body stapler having plastic casing. Rotating anvil for diff..

Kangaro Stapler 555N Metal Body (1pc)
Rs. 248.00
Market Price   Rs. 260.00

Kangaro Stapler 555NSize: 24/6Metal Body..

Kangaro Stapler ARIS 10
Rs. 154.00
Market Price   Rs. 165.00

Kangaro Stapler ARIS 10 Product Short Description: Brand: Kangaroo Quantity: 1 Set Color: Pink Prem..

Kangaro Stapler ARIS 35 (1pc)
Rs. 176.00
Market Price   Rs. 185.00

Kangaro Stapler ARIS 35Size : 24/6..

Kangaro Stapler DS-160FL (1pc)
Rs. 534.00
Market Price   Rs. 550.00

Kangaro Stapler DS-160FL..

Kangaro Stapler DS-23L24FL (1pc)
Rs. 7,700.00
Market Price   Rs. 7,900.00

Kangaro Stapler DS-23L24FL..

Kangaro Stapler DS-23S13QL (1pc)
Rs. 1,375.00
Market Price   Rs. 1,495.00

Kangaro Stapler DS-23S13QL..

Kangaro Stapler DS-35 Metal Body (1pc)
Rs. 270.00
Market Price   Rs. 290.00

Kangaro Stapler DS-35Size : 24/6Metal Body..

Kangaro Stapler DS-425 Metal Body (1pc)
Rs. 451.00
Market Price   Rs. 465.00

Kangaro Stapler DS-425Metal Body..

Kangaro Stapler DS-45L (1pc)
Rs. 715.00
Market Price   Rs. 735.00

Kangaro Stapler DS-45LSize : 24/6Metal Body..

Kangaro Stapler HD-45 (1pc)
Rs. 226.00
Market Price   Rs. 250.00

Kangaro Stapler HD-45 Plastic body strengthened with heavy duty steel components. Easily opens fo..

Kangaro Stapler HP-210 (1pc)
Rs. 561.00
Market Price   Rs. 580.00

Kangaro Stapler HP-210..

Kangaro Stapler HP-45 (1pc)
Rs. 462.00
Market Price   Rs. 485.00

Kangaro Stapler HP-45(1pc)..

Kangaro Stapler HS-10A (1pc)
Rs. 121.00
Market Price   Rs. 135.00

Kangaro Stapler HS-10ASize: 10..

Kangaro Stapler HS-10H/Y2
Rs. 154.00
Market Price   Rs. 170.00

Kangaro Stapler HS-10H/Y2..

Kangaro Stapler HS-10Y (1pc)
Rs. 138.00
Market Price   Rs. 155.00

Kangaro Stapler HS-10YStaples Size: 10..

Kangaro Stapler LE-210 Less Effort (1pc)
Rs. 660.00
Market Price   Rs. 690.00

Kangaro Stapler LE-210 Less Effort..

Kangaro Stapler LE-35 Less Effort (1pc)
Rs. 424.00
Market Price   Rs. 424.00

Kangaro Stapler LE-35Effortless..

Kangaro Stapler NOWA-35 (1pc)
Rs. 198.00
Market Price   Rs. 215.00

Kangaro Stapler NOWA-35Size : 24/6..

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